eduroam - Android Client Configuration Instructions

This article was created to provide you the steps for configuration of the eduroam wireless network on an Android device such as a phone or tablet.

1.  From the home screen or your application selection screen, select the Settings app.

2.  From the Settings app, select Connections.

3.  Within Connections select "Wi-Fi".

4.  From the available wireless networks, select "eduroam".

5.  Select your connection settings.  (This will most likely be default settings.  EAP method: PEAP, Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2, CA Certificate: Don't validate OR Install First Time Certificates

6.  Enter the login credentials, username: (Student) or (Employee) and enter your StarID password and click "Connect".

Once authenticated you will now be connected to eduroam.

Using TTLS method connection

Some newer android phones need to use TTLS method connection. 

  • Select Eduroam from the list of networks to connect to. 
  • Have your WiFi settings be set to the following:
    •  SSID: Eduroam
    • Security: EAP
    • EAP Method: EAP-TTLS
    • EAP Phase 2 Authentication: Automatic
    • Server CA certificate: Do Not Check or Install First Time Certificates
    • Identity: if you are a student or if you are an employee (Note: STAR ID refers to your STARID, not the word STARID as the username)
    • Password: STAR ID password
  • Click on Connect

Please note, if your Android Device won't continue without a Server or Domain name request, please stop by CBT 103 for a username and password. 

If you need further assistance with WiFi at NHCC while on campus, please stop by CBT 103


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