eduroam - Apple iOS Client Configuration Instructions

This Knowledge Base article is dedicated to the setup and configuration of the eduroam wireless network on an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad.

1.  From the iOS home screen, select the "Settings" app.

2.  In the Settings app, select the "WiFi" menu.

3.  From the list of available WiFi networks, select "eduroam".

4.  Enter the login credentials, username: (Student) or (Employee) and enter your StarID password and click "Connect".

5.  You may be prompted with the following screen.  If so, you are receiving this screen because the Root Certificate Authority which signed the authentication server's identity certificate is not trusted by your device.  This is normal.  Please ensure the certificate name ends in "" and the certificate is "Issued by Entrust Certification Authority".  Once confirmed select the "Trust" option in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  If the certificate does not match "Entrust Certification Authority" please contact the HelpDesk at 763-488-0957.

Once authenticated, you will now be connected to eduroam.


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